Emma Watson is spending her He for She time beat boxing terribly



Emma Watson is really tackling the big issues in her role as UN Ambassador for The Least Important Womens Issues. As part of this highly vacuous post, Emma visits expensive hotels like the Plaza, and talks to other famous people and D-listers about the things that might affect rich people without getting any dirt on them from the poorer parts of the world.

Emma’s He For She campaign seeks out equality for men and women, urging men to sign up, while not addressing that the part where they don’t have time to, due to alimony and child support payments, prostate cancer, suicide, and long, painful working careers prior to death. A number of sappy 20-somethings without jobs did sign up, hoping it would get them laid more. If they did sign up, they’d notice that things like Sharia Law and the massive inequalities that take place in countries where women aren’t allowed to drive, vote or expose their faces or are subject to genital mutilation are seemingly ignored in order to tackle the tough issues like toys being labelled for boys or girls, or getting more women on corporate boards so that they can die early from stress, too.

I had to look up who the guy was, due to my ignorance and straightness. Lin-Manuel Miranda is apparently an “American composer, lyricist, librettist, rapper, and actor, best known for creating and starring in the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton”. That is some resume, previously only achieved by greats such as Tracey Jordan. I initially thought it was the actor who played Jerry Seinfeld’s neighbour with the dead parrot, which would have made more sense.

What a massive, massive wank.


Author: Max Smith

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