Amanda Knox takes a new, bearded live-in lover

Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson

With Amanda Knox’s Eeny, meeny, miny, moe legal process over, she has now taken a new, as yet non-murderer boyfriend, who it is best identifiable if you want to punch him by his ridiculous beard-rows and her name stencilled on his jacket like an asshole.  I bet his first words to her were “Gator don’t play no shit”.

Amanda also set about reminding you that she’s at least crazy enough to have killed a close friend in a foreign land or two by writing a ludicrous essay for the famous West Seattle Herald “White Center News”.

By my weary, vacant look, you wouldn’t guess at how thrilled I am. I’m so exhausted, I forget myself. This is because all this past week, my partner Chris and I have been organizing, gathering, and boxing our separate households to move in together. We’ve been looking forward to the big day for a while, and now that it’s come, it’s easy to feel physically and emotionally overwhelmed.

I didn’t really realize, for instance, how much cumbersome stuff I had—and how heavy it was—until I tried to play Tetris with it. And, stuff is emotional. Packing up my belongings feels like packing up my history. As I disassemble, I’m reminded of what kind of person I am by the kinds of things that take up my personal space.

If that’s the sort of dribble she waxes when she’s moving house, I can understand the English-language-challenged Italians assuming that she was confessing in full when she described Rudy Guede asleep on a toilet full of crap.   I wonder if she’ll continue to molest this boyfriend when the police forensic team attend the next death in her rathole bedsit.  I’m confident its a yes.


Author: Max Smith

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