Amy Schumer and Ashley Graham push back on the whole plus size thing


Glamour Magazine made the mistake of including Amy Schumer with Adele, Melissa McCarthy, and Ashley Graham in a bumbling attempt at pulling a Sports Illustrated and dropping some token heavier girls in their shiny magazine under the ludicrous title “WOMEN WHO INSPIRE US”.


You’ll note that nowhere on the cover did they call Amy plus-sized.  But if I’m interpreting Amy right she’s saying:

  • I can make jokes about being fat in my  comedy set.
  • Do not include me with fatter women then me!  I’m not as fat as Melissa McCarthy!
  • But don’t get me wrong… plus size is OK, just don’t use the term to describe me.

ashley-graham-works out


Meanwhile, the cover girl, Ashley Graham, decided to release a video of her weekly 23 second workout to inspire us all too.  She’s keen to demonstrate that she’s not as fat as Melissa McCarthy either.  I no longer know what the protocol here is: is it “I’m fat and that’s OK”, or is it “I”m not as fat as her, don’t include” or is it “Please notify and/or pay me before deciding I’m fat”.  Or “I work out for 23 seconds, so I’m just big boned”?  I’m tapping out, and will instead look at some galleries of Kelly Rohrbach.


Author: Max Smith

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