Animal Love Match: Kangaroo vs Pig

kangaroo vs pig 2

kangaroo vs pig

NT News:  A kangaroo and a pig have struck up an intense romantic relationship in the tiny wayside town of Aileron.

The animals’ owner Greg Dick said tourists were often taken aback at the sight of the kangaroo — named “F**k It” — mounting Apples the pig by the side of the road.  But he says he’s powerless to intervene in the outback love affair.

“It’s quite an unusual thing,” he said.  “I tried to take the pig away the other day and the kangaroo nearly tore the fence down.”

Mr Dick introduced Apples a year ago and said it was “love at first sight”.


Would there be a more country Aussie thing on the planet than naming a kangaroo Fuck It?

I can’t knock Fuck It for wanting a heavier woman.   There’s a famous Muhammad Ali quote, saying “fatties need loving too”.  Also, the theory goes that they never no when they’re going to get another one, so they work a bit harder.

Meanwhile, on a related topic, Ashley Graham is still finding work modelling plus-size lingerie and swimsuits with copious amounts of gloss and photoshop because I have no idea why. With the right amount of photoshop and angling, Graham only looks tubby, and not gargantuan.  A photoshop starter kit and “how to selfie from a flying drone for dummies” should included in every size 36 thong pack.

Here’s some un-photoshopped pics: she’s got a firm grip on the ground.  And an enormous gunt.
Ashley Graham 4Ashley Graham 3Ashley Graham 2Ashley Graham 1

Author: Max Smith

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