Cheryl Fernandez-Versini wants a divorce and to ‘change name to Cole or Tweedy’

Metro:  Cheryl is reportedly ‘desperate’ to divorce her ex husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini so she can change her name.  The singer is said to want to finally move on from her relationship with JB and focus on her future with One Direction star Liam Payne.  According to The Mirror, friends of Cheryl have slammed ‘completely ridiculous’ rumours that she wants to keep the Fernandez-Versini surname.  They add that she is expected to go by either just ‘Cheryl’ or go back to Cole or Tweedy when the divorce is finalised.


I’m personally baffled as to how you can divorce one guy, marry another guy, then when that doesn’t work out, just go back to the first guy’s name.  You can’t do that, right?  I”m no lawyer, but Ashley Cole should take out an injunction of some sort.

Look, the right move here, Cheryl, is to go back to Tweedy.  That was the girl we liked.  You had a bit more puppy fat, so the dimples looked much cuter.  That puppy fat gave you a great set of cans.  You had that crooked tooth thing that was super cute.Your ass had some meat on it, and looked good in a bikini.  You had those council-estate tattoos instead of the £15,000 tramp stamp you’ve got now.  Toilet attendants at night clubs knew they couldn’t fuck with you. Reminded me of that insecure busty cashier at the newsagents when I was at Uni.

That was the Cheryl we all knew and loved.

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 9

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 8

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 4

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 3

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 2

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 1

Girls Aloud perform new single at G-A-Y London 20 August 2005 Photographer Rob Cable

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 6

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 5
Cheryl Tweedy Cole 12Cheryl Tweedy Cole 11Cheryl Tweedy Cole 10

Author: Max Smith

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