Cricket Australia seems to be saying you can’t hit on sideline reporters during the game

Chris gayle mel mclaughlin


Chris Gayle took what seemed to be a prime opportunity last night to hit on sideline reporter Mel McLaughlin:

“I just wanted to have an interview with you as well, that’s why I batted so well. Your eyes are beautiful, hopefully we can win this game and then we can have a drink after as well. Don’t blush, baby,” Gayle said.

This was the competition head’s response:

What a wet lettuce that lamp is. This isn’t the Australia I grew up in if casual sexual harassment on television (although that was mostly Channel 9) can’t be simply ridiculed, and is instead met with these sort of pithy statements from some pencil pusher.

Now, Christo’s got form – he believes in the old theory of if you walk up to a hundred women and just straight up ask them to have sex, one of them has to say yes to you.   Doesn’t even matter what part of the continent they’re on.  For Chris, it’s a numbers game.

Ultimately, if you ask me, the blame lies with Anthony Everard. When I was in High School, and had the “cool” teacher that let me get away with everything and bought beer for me and loaned me his bike and bought me weird porn I didn’t like, I did a lot of silly shit too.  Everhard is clearly an enabler.   You know who else has been outed as an enabler this week?  That’s right.



Author: Max Smith

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