Dominos make a quantum leap in the pizza game

Dominos Nuclear Button

Engadget- With more than half of its customers now ordering via its mobile apps, it’s fair to say that Domino’s has pizza delivery down to a fine art. But in this modern age, there’s always room to shave a couple of seconds off the purchasing process. That’s where “The Easy Order” comes in. Domino’s has brought one-click pizza ordering to the UK, letting you hit a physical button to get your favourite pizza delivered to your doorstep. The Easy Order is provided by Flic and is a tiny magnetic button that can be programmed to do a number of different things. Domino’s will pair it with an app over Bluetooth in order for it to become your pizza delivery companion. Simply save your address and payment details on the Domino’s website or app and select your favourite order — the rest takes care of itself.


The one thing that has allowed Dominos to dominate the pizza delivery market is the UK is that they know their market: party drunks, stoners and the morbidly obese.

They’ve keyed in on their market from the start: all sorts of extra meat and extra lard items can be selected from their pizza range. They were the first to develop the technology that tells their hankering customers that the “pizza is in the oven” or “pizza is on its way” so you can follow the calories online. Then they developed the phone app that saved your old orders, and would throw in a free 1200 calorie bottle of coke if you ordered via the app.

And now, the coup de grace: when you’re too stoned, too pissed or your fingers are just too downright fat to operate your phone, you can just punch a button and your pizza is on its way.

Dominos have made a quantum leap in the pizza game.

Author: Max Smith

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