Geopolitics expert and noted economist Lindsay Lohan weighs in on Brexit

Lohan Brexit
Beloved celebrity and fire-crotch Lindsay Lohan decided to impart her extensive understanding of the complexities of the UK and Europe this evening as she implored the British people to vote Remain, and berated small villages who didn’t.

You can follow her train-crash dipshittery here. Unfortunately for Lohan, who basically turned up with a fishing rod and some chicken, her Remain campaign started after the polls had actually closed in the UK, but alcohol dependencies require the sleeping off of hangovers.

She hash-tagged the shit out of her timeline – even, seemingly inventing something called “One Lone”, and missing the fact that the EU itself doesn’t have worldwide #FREETRADE.



Lohan confusing correlation with causation, and having no comprehension of how 99% of manufacturing jobs which caused workplace fatalities have moved to FoxConn:

Showing off her strong comprehension of how currencies work:


Here’s a bit of advice: small shops will see absolutely zero difference.  The same old fart who bought his cigarettes and Mayfair magazine will be back tomorrow.

Lohan then decided to berate people district by district:

No-one who has ever visited Bury would ever ask what is wrong with it. Lohan bizarrely claims to have lived there.



Author: Max Smith

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