Great Moments in Advertising: Misguided Empowerment

Ashely Graham

Ashley Graham Trannie Beefer


‘I love bikini season, and I hope the #MySwimBody movement helps every woman feel confident and sexy this summer,’ Ashley said of the campaigns underlying message.

Look, I’m all for wearing whatever the fuck you want. You want to wear a bikini even though you’re a beefer or a trans, go right ahead. You should be able to go to the beach or the pool and not give a fuck. But lets cut the shit that it’s empowering to have your enormous airbrushed size 24 gunt hanging over the front of your size 14 bikini bottoms. No one is jerking off to that.

The most ludicrous part of this recent attempt to announce size 24 models as the solution to size 0 models is when they say “real women have curves”. All those OTHER Sports Illustrated models had curves, Ashley. Curves in the shape of magnificent asses, and grapefruit to rockmelon sized boobs. Not huge packs of love-handles and large pudding asses and saggy boobs. They’re not curves: they’re bags of sand.

It’s a slippery slope if you call this empowering.  Next, you’ll have granny hitting the assisted living facility pool in a thong.


Author: Max Smith

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