Great Moments in Rugby League Promotions: Salford’s new logo

Salford unveiled yet another brand change right on the 24 month traditional schedule.

This time, they put out a wildly specific listing of the components of the fresh monstrosity.  Let’s check it out:

Salford: “The name of our city proudly returns to the Red Devils in 2018 and beyond”.  Until the next brand update at the end of 2019, when they decide, with the new road connecting the AJ Bell with the gayer areas of Manchester, they need to appeal more to Manchester fans.

The Crossed Wire: “A stylised representation of the Lowry Millennium Footbridge”.

Boy, lucky they stylised it.

Five Worker Bees: “Represent the five industrial communities of the textile industry.  A symbol of work ethic and togetherness”.

BEES????  BEES!!!!

Bees aside, that might be the most depressing two sentences ever written to describe a brand.

The Red Devils: “The nickname given to the club in 1934 during a tour to France, where the team was described as playing like devils”.

I guess they couldn’t write “We stole this bit off Manchester United”.

The Trident: “Traditionally the devil’s ancient tool”

Look, if you’re going to have a trident, have a trident.  This is not a trident.

It’s a ripoff of a Burger King hat.

The Life Blood:  “Representing the rivers and canals which represent the future of the city”.

Boy, I really hope that’s not true.

The Willow Tree: “Symbolises the spiritual home of the Club”.

Ah, those were the days.

Still are, really.


I give it two years til this horned swine guy is back, as the club “returns to their roots”.






Author: Max Smith

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