Great Moments in Tattoos: Hey, I’ll tattoo my kid on my face


This story just has too much to love.

Now unemployable poor decision-maker, Christian Sechrist, 20, from Houston, Texas (if it wasn’t Florida, it had to be Texas), has had a portrait of his new-born drawn on his face. Thankfully, he named the kid Perseus after his favourite washing detergent, and not his first choices “Bong-rip”, “Knuckle Duster” and “Bath Salts”.

This isn’t a tribute to his son – his son is alive, and other than living in a household with this boob, well.

Showing some people have no hope, when he posted the photo on Facebook, he described the work as ‘awesome’. ‘Looks just like my son.’ He’s neglected to consider that his son will look completely different in the coming years.

Here’s the kicker though – this is the other side of his head:

tattoo skull

At least he could grow his hair over that, even though he wouldn’t have.

A lot of commenters on Facebook asked him how he was going to get a job with his face like that, but the sort of people who make those sort of tattoo decisions we’d really prefer out of the economic value chain anyway.

Author: Max Smith

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