Guy pretends to be train ticket inspector; tricks women into taking off their shoes and rubs their feet

foot fetish guy

Richmond & Twickenham Times:  A foot fetishist who tricked young women into removing their shoes so he could fondle their feet has been banned from public transport.  Alican Reilly, 21, of Southall, first struck on a train from Kew Bridge towards Clapham Junction in 2010. Reilly told his victim he liked her boots and asked her to take them off but she refused and moved seats nearer a male passenger.  Two teenage girls later approached her and said Reilly had done the same to them.  Reilly struck again in April and May 2014 and persuaded victims to take off their shoes so he could fondle their feet.  He was sentenced by Judge Peter Clark QC to 12 months probation and banned from travelling on public transport unaccompanied for two years.


Look, there’s two groups of people that should be apologising here.

The first is the DPP and Judge Peter Clark QC, who have completely botched this one.  There’s no way this is a crime, folks.  Any man who has been forced to listen to the whining of a female co-habitant when they return home from a day in heels before being forced – under threat of more whining – to rub their bunion-ridden feet for an hour will recognise that this is a service, not a crime.   Plus, what a man does in the privacy of a train carriage in Kew or in an Oxford dining club (where – people forget – our Prime Minister once was blown by a pig) is none of the judiciary’s business.

There’s no way this would happen in Trump’s America.

The second group that should be apologising are the operators of trains in the UK.  We’re always hearing about how there’s not enough funding to improve infrastructure, and people have to stand because there’s not enough services or carriages.  Well right in front of their eyes, since Alican’s first foot rub in 2010, has been the solution.  We read yesterday about a stewardess making a cool million bonking passengers.   Alican might have run into a couple of prudes and got unlucky, but I’m telling you on the average train carriage, this is a huge money-maker.  You get a bunch of foot weirdos, make them ticket inspector/foot rubbers and charge for the privilege.  You run the scam same as those hot birds walking around restaurants with roses: “Sir, would you like to buy the lady a foot rub?”  BOOM, £20.  Do deals for Hens Parties: 10 for the price of 9.  Maybe you bump the price up for the fatter ones who are holding their heels in one hand and a kebab in the other.

I’m telling you – the country will be out of debt in no time.


Author: Max Smith

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