Hot Aussie hands her panties to guys as a “prank”

take my panties off prank

Well, first off, I’m ABSOLUTELY STUNNED no-one sniffed them. I feel like 50% of the guys I know would have have a strong snort; half of the rest at least a sniff. The remainder would steal the panties, race home, hide under their beds and jerk off with them.

Second, obviously this was as funny as a heart attack. But the great thing about our planet is that a women with any remotely attractive body part, let alone 4 or 5 like Melissa here, will get nervous laughter and attention. Loved the workout guy giving it the whole “you’re an independent woman” speech, hoping to replace those panties later. Good job, good effort, guy.

Anyway – what’s she look like in a bikini you say?

Author: Max Smith

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