Hot Brazilian diver boots her roommate for marathon romp

Source: Two Brazilian synchronized divers have parted ways after one kicked the other out of their room at the 2016 Rio Olympics for what is described as a “marathon of sex.” Giovanna Pedroso was banished from the Olympic Village room she shared with her partner, Ingrid Oliveira, because the latter was having a late night sex session. Oliveira was alleged to have had sex with Pedro Goncalves the night before she and Pedroso were scheduled to compete. Being banished from the room left Pedroso infuriated, so she decided to part ways with her partner.


Before I make judgment in situations like this, I like to have all the facts, like Ingrid’s Instagram. The fact is, when you’re carbo-loading and training intensely, you need constant exercise to burn off the excess energy. If her team-mate wasn’t willing to do a late night synchronised scissoring session, then she has to outsource her randiness. Plus Ingrid is smokin’, and hot people have allowances in this world to do whatever they want. I find her late night porking perfectly acceptable, and her teammate’s whining unjustified. Case dismissed.

Ingrid Oliveira 12

Ingrid Oliveira 1

Ingrid Oliveira 2

Ingrid Oliveira 3

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Author: Max Smith

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