HuffPo celebrates diversity


Liz here learnt an important lesson about social media yesterday.  Never, ever ask the Twitter-verse a question.

As a pushy white woman, having never looked up the definition of diversity, she decided to fire out the ol’ GIRL POWER tweet that was no doubt followed by loads of clapping and smugness until the salads and smoothies arrived in plastic containers.

She was immediately ridiculed with a barrage of hilarity from professional internet smart-asses and abuse from straight out whiners not because she’d managed to bore all of the men out of her departmental meeting, but because she’d left out any of those pesky blacks and asians that weren’t first picked in her sorority at Columbia.  The fact she used her pasty profile to hide the ladies of the side of the room that had skipped Bernice’s spin class and pulled the donut plates in front of themselves was not mentioned.

She helped herself out massively by using the very white dancing women and the very white muscular arms emojis to make the point that nouns belong before adjectives in emoji-speak.

You can imagine the headlines this editorial meeting would generate:

  • “Woman shuts down fat-shamer hard – and it’s awesome”
  • “How the Duchess of Cambridge inspires us”
  • “Who is REALLY limiting your birth control choices”
  • “What’s the real threat in America’s bathrooms?”
  • “5 ways to get rid of negative energy in your home”
  • “How this former NFL player became a feminist activist”
  • “Chewbacca Mum is our new #Lifegoals”
  • “These images of Disney princesses will make you smile”
  • “These images of Disney princesses need to be shot down”
  • “Trump says gross things about women”
  • “What it’s like to become a single mom in your 30s”
  • “Rose Byrne talks about the time TSA confiscated her breast milk”
  • “Ashley Graham is so perfect”
  • “Sarah Silverman thinks it’s time to start legislating male masturbation”

Verizon are now the proud owners of HuffPo, and judging by the fact an online news aggregator needs 15 people to attend an editorial meeting dressed as librarians, you’ll be wanting short that stock immediately.


Author: Max Smith

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