Hunting Trips with Prostitutes cause whining and have to be cancelled

hunting babe

The Local– An organisation offering hunting trips in Austria with a guaranteed “happy ending” involving prostitutes has been forced to cancel them after outrage from animal-rights groups. Hunting is legal and extremely popular in Austria, and organised hunting tours for wild boar and deer among other animals are offered in many areas, with competition fierce for business. As a result one organiser is offering hunting trips from a hunting lodge in the Neustift-Innermanzing municipality in Lower Austria’s Alpine foothills. The advert for the trip said: “After an exciting day’s hunting what could be better than a cosy night for two, or even three, in a remote mountain cabin. Everything is possible. “The hunter’s return will be welcomed back by a lovely companion, and of course absolute discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed.” But the “Romantic Weekend Hunting” offer caused outrage online when details were made public by the Association Against Animal Factories (VGT).


The bizarre thing about this is that the whiners were animal rights groups, not some sort of womens group.  Why pick on these dudes?  No-one can hunt with an erection, that’s a medical fact.

This fantastic marketing idea is a reminder to us all that there is no activity that can’t be improved by the presence of prostitutes.   Bar MItzvas, funerals, sporting events, your Aunt’s birthday party, Las Vegas, moving house, air travel, jackaroo-ing, strip clubs, photography exhibits, immigration holding cells – nothing.  They make the unbearable bearable, and the bearable absolutely fantastic.



Author: Max Smith

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