Introducing Lord of the Hipsters

Admittedly it would have been hard for the interviewer to keep a straight face through this, unless of course he was a complete fruit.  Obviously he added the e to David himself, possibly in honour of the first person on the planet to have admired the fashion styling of Albert Einstein – including Albert himself.  Most of all, I admire the journalist tenacity it must have taken to get the correct spelling on all of that garbage.  

Look, I know as soon as you read the interview your assessment was “enormous cunt”. You’re not wrong.  But at least Samuel Davide owns his cuntiness.  People have always been cunty, and social window has given us a magnifying glass on that cuntiness.  But when called out for excessive cuntiness, people deny, obfuscate, walk back, tweet and delete or just cry racism/body shaming.  Not Samuel Davide.  More power to him.


Author: Max Smith

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