Jamie Redknapp Says Steven Gerrard “One of the Best”

So Jamie Redknapp told Sky Sports today that “for me, Steven Gerrard’s one of the great British players of all time.”

Now, that’s an easy line to throw out there when you’ve got a media gig, and you’re talking about your former team-mate. These sorts of statements need some more critical analysis, and the only real way to judge whether a player is a long-term success, and one of the great, is to see how his WAG compares. The article itself was too long, and I have “learning difficulties”, so I didn’t read it, but I’m assuming that’s what Redknapp went on to talk about.

The first thing to ask yourself is: is Redknapp qualified to comment?


Yeah, ok – we’ll allow it.

In a fact-based analysis, what does Gerrard’s performance look like?

Alex Gerrard

The true judge of a great footballer is to compare him with his peers on the international stage:
Laia Grassi (Alexis Sanchez girlfriend)

Amra Silajdzic (Edin Dzeko wife)

Leticia Sahagun (Javier Hernandez girlfriend)

Fanny Neguesha (Mario Balotelli)

Michela Quattrociocche (Alberto Aquilani)

Sara Carbonero casillas girlfriend

Yolanthe Cabau van

zaira nara

Natalia Velez falcao wife

Sarah Brandner


Gabriella Lenzi (Neymar Wag)


Look, no question, Gerrard’s got a different style to some of the players here. The strikers are always flashier, and the goalkeepers tend to spend less money on sports cars and have more left for WAG shopping, which can attract an advanced WAG.

He’s less flash, more substance. But I’m inclined to agree with Redknapp here – Gerrard stacks up with the best of the modern day player, and would have held his own with the players of yesteryear, bar maybe George Best and his Playmate of the Year collection.

Editors Note: We could have matched the girls’ photos to actual players, but we didn’t think you’d care about that any more than we did, since looking at the photos is the actual fun.

Author: Max Smith

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