Lena Dunham pitches in on the Glamour plus-size debate

lena dunham plus size debate

Lena Dunham decided to do some Fat-Splaining by joining in on the Amy Schumer-Glamour tussle of what it is plus-sized, and what is just inspirationally fat:

I think what Amy was really saying was just, like, let’s remove the labels, and she was just saying, like, why do you have to categorize our bodies even if it’s in the context of ‘Let’s celebrate these women who are different,’ because the fact is, every [magazine] issue should be an issue that contains a multitude of bodies and a multitude of races and a multitude of gender identities.

What a fantastic magazine that would be.   Traditionally magazines have been developed to specific target markets, in order to appeal to advertisers which would allow them to, you know, make money.   This ripper of a magazine proposed by Dunham would be titled something like “MULTITUDE”, and contain a mish-mosh of unrelated gibberish articles, with photographs of one-legged, fat Blasian gender transitioners.  It could well appeal to a market of say 4-5 people globally, who would have to pay $600,000 per issue to read it.

Sensational idea.  Maybe go back to finger-blasting your sister, and leave magazine development to Conde Nast.







Author: Max Smith

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