Local sportscaster not happy with news anchor deviating mildly into sports

kron 4 sports caster

No, this isn’t an Onion headline. We can only assume that Champ Kind here had his own hot take on Space Jam 2 that he’d been working all day on to fire it out with scorching heat on the remaining 3-4 thousand people in the Bay Area who watch local television for their news and sports. And here we have Dorothy Mantooth getting out of her lane and getting involved in what she thought was the crossover. Dorothy – there’s no Venn Diagrams when it comes to sports takes.

It’s like booze – an alcoholic beverage is still alcoholic no matter how much mixer you put in it. Same with sports – it doesn’t matter if it’s a movie about sports, how the weather might affect sports, or a meteor smashing into a sports stadium. All sports. Stay in your lane, sugar tits.


Author: Max Smith

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