Milton Keynes guy lets his yuuuuuge girlfriend bang other dudes

This guy chose well:

The Sun – Waking up on a Saturday morning, Beatrice Gibbs takes one look at the naked stranger lying next to her before quickly putting on her clothes and leaving.  As the 22-year-old make-up artist walks home, she texts her boyfriend Adam Gillet to tell him she’s on her way back.  Beatrice feels no guilt as she walks through their front door – because Adam knows exactly where she has been and what she’s been doing.

The pair, who have been together for two years, have a one-sided open relationship.  Beatrice can sleep with who she wants, when she wants, despite Adam, 27, not having the same privileges.

Beatrice, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, explains: “I love Adam, but I wasn’t ready to settle down and commit to just one man. I said I had to break up with him so that I wasn’t unfaithful. I didn’t want to hurt him by going behind his back with someone else.  He was devastated and suggested we stay together but I could sleep with other people, as long as I told him who and when.”

Adam says: “I really like Beatrice and I didn’t want to lose her. I’m happy for her to enjoy herself.  We decided this is the best way to take the relationship forward so I have become used to it. I’m not really interested in chasing other women and I know if I did then Beatrice wouldn’t be happy about it.”

She says: “I couldn’t tell you how many guys I’ve kissed — sometimes it is up to six a night, but although I love the attention it doesn’t mean anything emotionally to me.”

Adam says: “It takes away the worry about her cheating on me, if I let her sleep with other people she comes back to me. I’ve told a few mates and they think it’s a bit strange, but we don’t care what others think — it makes us happy.”


As you’re probably aware, there’s a whole thing out there where guys let other dudes hump their wives while they sit in the corner and jerk off.  Its apparently a renowned sexual fetish which means its about 1% as popular as things like magazines and sex bloggers try to make out it is.

Whatever – it sounds like a better fetish overall than the Cleveland Steamer or hiring five hookers to piss on a bed in Moscow.

But this is NOT one of those situations.  Look at this doofus.

There is no way there is no way this monster, with a name like “Beatrice”, even in Milton Keynes, is getting laid easily.  At best, it has happened a couple of times.  I know the male gender doesn’t always have the highest of standards, but Harpo here is low probability of scoring.  Guys do have mates.  There is no way six guys a night are going to let this boulder smooch up on them if their mates can see them.  And they’re never going to be allowed to live it down if they actually take her home.

But OK, if Beatrice is ripped off her tits on MDMA and Lansons and finds a victim who is even more pissed, she’s got such a high level of complete disrespect for this fat Steve Buscemi lookalike that she’ll let anyone take her home.

(“The naked stranger lying next to her” would not have been lying next to her.  With a heifer Beatrice’s size, he’d have to sleep on the floor once he climbed down.)

The question is why would this dipshit put up with it?  He’s not hiding in the corner belting one out.  A lot of people with make insensitive comments like “he’s gay”, but no self-respecting gay man alive would have that beard or dress in that shirt.  This is the only explanation I can come up with – that he has a very specific fetish that he’s disguising with his mock wimp-cuckold thing:

Case closed.


Author: Max Smith

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