NFL Fantasy Football: Wooden Spoon Humiliation

We’re in the depths of playoff NFL fantasy football here at GuyJest and we just know Ernst Blofeld is going to take the title from 10th spot after his London Broncos-esque regular season performance. People take this stuff seriously and some not-so-seriously. We love seeing the measures people go through each year to humiliate the wooden spooner. The best of which we’ve found are below:

fantasy football loser 6

Tattoos are pretty standard.

fantasy football loser 1

fantasy football loser 2

fantasy football loser 3

This “Panda League” forfeit might be our favourite

fantasy football loser 4

Ernst Blofeld would look magnificent replicating this calendar – we might have a winner

fantasy football loser 5

By the way, on the theme of fantasy football, there is an excellent show available on Netflix called The League. Watch it, it’s hilarious.



Author: Johnny Bolt

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