Now you can decide you’re non-binary. Thanks Obama

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Guardian: Maria Munir, 20, a politics and international relations student from Watford, was given the microphone during a question and answer session with Obama attended by 500 young people on Saturday in London.

In front of a packed hall, Munir said to the US president: “I’m about to do something terrifying, which is I’m coming out to you as a non-binary person … In the UK we don’t recognise non-binary people under the Equality Act, so we literally have no rights.”

It was the first time Munir had publicly identified as being non-binary. Non-binary is a term used to describe people who do not identify as male or female.

“I had actually intended to ask Obama about his regrets with regards to intervening in Libya, but then it occurred to me that this is a brilliant time to put the spotlight on an issue which has often been ignored or superseded by others,” Munir told the Guardian.


So, Obama’s audience of ‘ordinary Britons’ for a Q&A in London was made up of an Iraqi refugee, a Muslim student who identifies as neither male nor female, a volunteer at the Calais ‘jungle’ and a number of celebrities. The last eight years have been one big reality show for Barack.

I’m not really buying Munir’s crap that she was going to ask about Libyan intervention, or that she was selected at random. “It occurred to me that this is a brilliant time to put the spotlight on an issue which has often been ignored or superseded by others”. Oh, what a brilliant, time, yeah. The level of ego and self-absorbtion it would take to hijack the most important man in the world with your daily decision on whether you’d like to be a man, woman, neither or just don’t accept the entire concept is baffling. Doesn’t identify as a man or a woman. Then went on to lecture Obama about bathrooms in a country she’s never been to. And how she has ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHTS despite living in as free a country as there is on the planet.

Munir had obviously tried the bog-standard Facebook attention-getter statuses, and none came up trumps  (I just can’t take it anymore / why do I even try / will it ever get better /OK fine I am done with this / I can’t go on).

This is what we’ve come to in Western society. We’ve conquered the pyramid of Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, and now, to get attention, we just make up new shit.Well, don’t be surprised if it takes the laws of a country a little bit of time to adjust to shit you just made up in the last fortnight.

Just do what you want. No-one gives a shit. Like my grandfather used to tell me: “Don’t tell anyone you’re sick – 80% don’t care, and the other 20% are happy about it”.

P.S. She’s a hefty lass for non-binary. Maybe self-identify as “husky”.


Author: Max Smith

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