Obama declares new mythical National Monument

barack obama equal pay monument

Last week included a day called “National Equal Pay For Women Day”.  Our President continued to run out the clock on his Presidency of Useless Platitudes by dedicating a national monument to a mythical creature.  No, not Chewbacca.   A National Monument to Equal Pay for Women.

The national monument isn’t actually a new build, but an existing historical landmark he just re-labelled as a national monument because Congress is done with funding this sort of rampant boobery.

The only evidence anyone in the USA has of women earning less pay than men for the same job is the Sony emails about American Hustler, which showed that Jennifer Lawrence received a heart-breaking $10 million for a virtually superfluous character, while the actual star of the movie got $20 million.  No-one mentioned any disparity in the Hunger Games, when Lawrence got all the gold and the men got shot.   Turns out in that case, she was the beneficiary of inequality/capitalism, so it didn’t count YOU GO GIRL.

Here’s the reason we know that there are no jobs left in America where women earn less than men for the same job: the instant someone produced even a suspicion of that being the case, there would be 100 million tweets by unemployed female college students and women who married basketball players or are named Lena Dunham, a 10,000 man/woman march outside the muffler shop in question, and a press conference held by the Clinton who hasn’t been President.  Also, it’s illegal, and no-one is being prosecuted.

The high school math error that women earn 78 cents in the dollar compared to men is a convenient delusion, born about by taking averages of unrelated jobs in the same building.  Any rational examination declares that women get paid less because, in general, and often because of children, they work less hours, change jobs more, many take time off to raise children, and of course often times retire from the workforce prematurely.   They have less traditional career tracks than men, who tend to grind it out on their leather asses til the first moment they can retire or marry a WalMart heir.

If you want to tear down the glass ceiling, that’s a separate argument, and one worth making and correcting.  But cut the ludicrous Equal Pay idea – it’s not helping anyone.

P.S.  The troubles of a woman earning $10 million for 6 weeks of acting do not count.


Author: Max Smith

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