Pump the brakes on the Joey Johns fury

That's a nap, not passed out.

That’s a nap, not passed out.


RUGBY league legend Andrew Johns has been accused of making lewd comments to a married woman while drunk at a Queensland airport. Johns has reportedly apologised to Helen Wright, 42, who claimed in a Facebook post that he asked her to kiss him before “passing out on the floor” of Toowoomba’s Wellcamp airport on Friday night. When she told Johns she was married with three kids, Wright claimed he asked “did you have a caesarian?”. Johns has claimed he was not drunk and did not pass out, but was tired after leaving at 5am for a function. Johns has been stood down from his role with Channel 9’s grand final coverage.


Just as an aside, when you’re pissed, the “did you have a caesarian” line is hysterical. Just a strong line, perfectly timed. Sure, it doesn’t seem as funny sober, or if you’re 42-year-old Mum of three Helen Wright, but pissed up, it’s hilarious.

But you can cut it out with the “he should be a better role model, because he’s on TV and once played rugby league and so do my kids” bit.

For a start, Johns has been wheeled out to promotions, kids clinics and every photo op known to man since he was 20. He’s given plenty of his free time to the sport, and to the fans that idolise him. But he’s not running for political office. He’s not running a billion dollar company. He’s not even the head coach of a club. He’s not responsible – or being paid to be responsible – for other people. His job is to make comments on a football game on television, coach the halves at Manly/Roosters, and speak and grin for photos with your three kids. His job is to do those things well. Those aren’t positions of responsibility. If you’re expecting him to be a role model because he once played for Australia, you’re out of your mind.

Judge the bloke against what the average red-blooded 20-40 year old male does, not against Ghandi. That means he’s a BLOKE, has a few beers and whatever else, sometimes too much of it, makes jokes in poor taste, gives shit to his mates, farts in male company and doesn’t miss his place in the shout. If he’s thieving, beating women or drink-driving, you can judge him an asshole and jail him for any of those. (Also if he deliberately misses his place in the shout). He’s not killing anyone; he’s just human. At least the bloke has a bit of personality.

You’ve got to love social media, haven’t you? Just some true geniuses out there.

Author: Max Smith

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