Rugby League adds another Blue Chip to a classic sponsorship portfolio history

The addition of Batchelors Mushy Peas to the RFL/Super League sponsorship portfolio this week gives us a keen insight to the sport’s “partnership” strategy.    We’ve obviously decided from now on, that every sponsor and partner has to be ON BRAND.  Why fight the idea that rugby league is a minority sport?  Just a waste of resources.  What you do is, you go and get brands that say “we’re not available in all good stores”.

  • Romanian car maker, Dacia.
  • The power company no-one has heard of, First Utility — initials FU
  • The ball made famous by amateurs, Rhino.
  • The tyre that’s some chance of stopping you in the wet, Falken.
  • The soft drink of the morbidly obese, Irn Bru.
  • The odor of the 70s, Brut 33.
  • The game of the septuagenarian, Foxy Bingo.
  • The delivery method of the 20th century, Stobarts.
  • Alcatel. The mobile phone provider for sub-Saharan Africa.

Look we love it.  We’ve been saying for years that the way to go is to get a portfolio that speaks to the fans.

Here’s the brands we’d like to see brought on board before we play a double header in the modern city of Coventry (it’s the new London!):

  • Bovril, the nation’s favourite thick, salty meat extract – served in a bulbous jar.
  • Findus Crispy Pancakes – Super Leagues preferred battered mystery pockets of mince.
  • Wham Bar  – the sensational taste of chewy taffy with coloured pieces of sherbet inside!
  • Furness Plastics – the best plastic sign make in Barrow.
  • Mr Brains – Britain’s best loved faggots
  • Williams Medical Supplies Disposable Razors.
  • Wimpy – when you feel like using a knife and fork to eat your budget burger.
  • Kickers – the shoe to wear when your body won’t let you run.
  • Butlins – When fear of flying keeps you from going to Tenerife.
  • Iceland – The home of frozen despair.
  • Fray Bentos – for that remaining layer of epidermis that the Bovril was unable to remove.

The journos have been taking a swipe, but since when did they know what was in the best interests of the sport?

 We do like Podsal though.

The rugby league public appear to be taking a fairly grim view of the latest deal:

But they’re wrong too. The RFL needs to stick to its guns and continue to pursue the dream. The 2017 Pot Noodle Challenge Cup.





Author: Max Smith

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