Salford have to go to war over this farcical salary cap ruling – #FreeMarwan

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The Rugby Football League: “Salford Red Devils have been found guilty by an independent tribunal of breaching the RFL Operational Rules and Salary Cap Regulations concerning contractual arrangements made with three players in 2014 and 2015.   The tribunal, chaired by His Honour, Judge Peter Charlesworth, found that Salford had committed a serious breach of the rules including exceeding the finite salary limit of £1.825 million in 2014.   As a result the tribunal decided that the club should be fined £5000 and deducted six points. The points deduction will be imposed immediately.  The tribunal also found Salford not guilty of a number of offences concerning contractual arrangements with two players.  The club have 14 days from receipt of the written reasons for the decision in which to lodge an appeal.”


Marwan Koukash had already promised ALL OUT WAR if points were deducted, and he’s just announced he’s going to appeal this FARCE of a tribunal set up by the RFL.  And he can’t back down from that – this entire process has been a farce from start to finish.  Here’s how Marwan put it:

“The club has made huge improvements to the way it’s run. Mistakes could have been made – I’m not saying we’ve done anything wrong – but I have said before I may have made mistakes but it’s very clear I didn’t do anything wrong.  And it is not fair to punish this current squad for things that might have happened three years ago.”

There it is in black and white – other than the mistakes that were made, Marwan is clear that he’s not done anything wrong.  That sounds more like a five grand fine type of thing, not a six points and five grand fine type of thing. Gary H and Brian McDermott can’t believe their luck.

These egg-headed bean-counters at the RFL (who are too busy kow-towing to some ludicrous idea about a team from Canada which will last half a season before everyone realises how much it cost) should be more worried about how we’ve got two less teams in Super League, but somehow, the salary cap has gone up by just £225,000 in 9 years.  BHS has done better.

Look, obviously, I’m not privvy to what went on at the hearing.  And I’m not saying this Justice Charlesworth is in Nigel Wood’s pocket, but I’m not saying he’s not either.  I’m no lawyer, but I don’t think Tweets that suggest you gave a Masserati to your new signing are admissible as evidence in these types of tribunals.  I’ve read stuff on Twitter that I KNOW was bullshit, and no-one was carted off to prison or docked any points.

One change Marwan has got to make though, is to get rid of this fairy Paul Barrow, from Quinn Barrow legal.  He and his “firm” – cough – “represented” Koukash and Salford throughout the five-hour hearing on Monday, and then came out of it  and – incredibly – SAID THAT AN APPEAL WAS UNLIKELY.

“We’re going to consider whether an appeal is appropriate but it’s unlikely,” Barrow said.  “The allegations stem from several years ago and what the tribunal also found was that things have improved massively and there may be an issue of naivety – that’s all. We’re disappointed because six points is ridiculously unfair against a young squad. We believe the tariff is excessive.”

Oh, won’t someone think of the poor young squad.  He seems to be saying that Salford shouldn’t get docked for a crime someone else noticed.  You can’t have this sort of lilly-livered, jelly-backed response to a beat-up charge your client doesn’t beat on the first go-around. No – Koukash needs to go out and get himself a lawyer that can operate the Peter Blunt system:

This wet lettuce Barrow should have stuck to one single defence, and read out three numbers:  “14th, 10th, 11th – BOOM!  The defence rests.”  It’s impossible that anyone could overspend the salary cap and finish last, 3rd last, and 2nd last.  Impossible.  Wakefield have been spending less than Oldham Bears for years and getting the exact same results.  From watching Law and Order, I’ve learned that to get a successful murder conviction, you have to be able to prove motive, opportunity and the absence of an alibi.  There’s Marwan’s alibi RIGHT THERE.    There’s no way the RFL could prove that case, no matter how many mistakes were made.

The #FreeMarwan campaign starts now.

Free Marwan Koukash



Author: Max Smith

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