Scotland rejects Australians’ visa application because Dad is not ginger enough

Gingers in Scotland

Guardian: The Australian couple facing deportation from Scotland along with their Gaelic-speaking son have told MPs how a “relatively straightforward” visa arrangement resulted in “an extraordinary betrayal of trust”. Gregg and Kathryn Brain, who have lived in Dingwall in the Highlands since 2011 with their son, Lachlan, seven, gave evidence to the home affairs select committee on Tuesday.

Following a series of appeals, the family were granted leave to remain in the UK until August but have been refused the right to work despite both parents having been offered jobs in the Highlands. The family initially came to Scotland in 2011 on Kathryn’s student visa, while she took a course in Scottish history at the University of the Highlands and Islands. They intended to move on to a two-year, post-study work visa after she had completed her course, but the Home Office cancelled the scheme in 2012, citing widespread abuse, forcing them to apply for the far more stringent tier 2 visa.


I’m not buying it.  A family denied the right to work in the UK because they wrangled their way into the country on a student visa then attempted to stay after studying “Scottish History”?

The fact is they’ve been denied the visa because Dad is not ginger enough.  Mum is ginger enough, the kid is ginger enough.  But Dad is salt and pepper grey, and was likely some sort of light brown freak before the grey set in – and that’s got to offend the extremely ginger First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The one thing the Scottish don’t want is cross-population.  They can’t have these blondes and brunettes storming into the country and defraying the ginger heritage of the country.  Next thing you know, we’ll have blondes and brunettes all over Scotland and one day – God forbid, we’ll have a brunette or blonde First Minister.

Visas denied.  Kathryn and Lachlan can return if she marries a ginger.

P.S.  What sort of lunatic leaves Australia to move to Dingwall, Scotland, to study Scottish History?


Author: Max Smith

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