Somehow, Wayne Bennett is to blame for Super League’s ineptitude

Hull Daily Mail:  Ever since the Super League season was put back a week to accommodate the England camp in Dubai, there have been rumblings amongst coaches across the competition.  Those rumblings eventually saw the camp cancelled.  The lingering effect of the camp has been the presence of a second double header last month, which only existed because of the cancelled Dubai trip.  There has been a great deal of criticism of the second double header recently from player welfare perspective.

 Lee Radford took aim at Wayne Bennett, England’s coach and the man responsible for the congested fixture list in Super League this year.

“I sat in a room with Wayne Bennett and all he did was tell us that Super League isn’t as good as the NRL.  So, come to a Monday game and come to the following week’s game and there’s your reason why it’s not as intense as the NRL. Half my team’s in the stands.  Don’t criticise our competition when you’ve had a massive impact in changing the comp, ultimately harming the comp.  Nobody wants England to win the World Cup more than I do. But you’re going to send our troops over there bent, knackered and fatigued.”

Leeds Rhinos coach Brian McDermott has also added his views, stating that his troops are now spent after the second double header.

“You can’t keep getting them to go out and run a small marathon with some collision in there. There’s a limit to what the human body can take.  We’re halfway through a 30-round season and this is our second catch-up weekend and my blokes have gone. They’re wasted at the moment.”


Super League coaches have been whining ever since Wayne Bennett was appointed as England coach.  Some of the more overweight/fired ones like Keiron Cunningham thought there were “better British options”, something everyone laughed loudly at.  Some of the more hypocritical/whiny ones like Tony Smith hit out at Bennett for selecting the same number of heritage players as Smithy did.  All of them whined about being told Super League wasn’t as good as the NRL – for what reason is not clear.  Now we’ve got Future dentures model Lee Radford and Grinch lookalike Brian McDermott pitching in.


This latest batch of pissing and moaning is astoundingly misdirected though.

First off, Wayne Bennett doesn’t make the Super League draw.  Rugby League has a baffingly undefeated record of a complete inability to think things through.  Are you telling me no-one – administrators or coaches – figured out that it would mean a 2nd double-header within 7 weeks?  None of these coaches noticed and thought to bring it up then?

It’s lunacy professional rugby league players have to play two games in 3 or 4 days.  Galactic stupidity.  But it’s our prawn-sandwich-eating administrators on both sides of the globe that seem to think its fine after Origin games and this ludicrous Easter weekend garbage in Super League.

Secondly, these coaches were the ones who forced the camp to be cancelled. A one week camp wasn’t going to kill the players.  The problem is that Super League teams play 30 competition games, plus up to 2 playoff games and 5 Challenge Cup Games.  THIRTY SEVEN GAMES.  These idiots also play Christmas fixtures.  What did the Super League teams do with them for their non-camp week, give them a week on the old Rocker Recliner with a Netflix subscription and a couple of nubile masseuses?  No, they trained with their clubs.

Third, the Super League competition is such a busted arse that giving half your players a week off is going to have zero effect on the competition.  Catalan Dragons are in 8th spot with 6 wins and 10 losses.  The team occupying 6th spot has a losing record. If these coaches didn’t have such giant, misguided egos, maybe some of them might though to have asked Bennett how he deals with it, given half his players have to back up with three days rest 3 times a season in a nine-week period, because Australia’s NRL administrators are idiots too.

Your administrators are dolts who can’t think things through and have zero concern for your players. You coaches continue to demonstrate a comic ineptitude in planning your season out in the face of your administrators idiocy.  None of those things are Wayne Bennett’s fault.


P.S.  Radford, I’m sure not “all he did” was tell you that Super League wasn’t as good as the NRL.  I’m pretty confident he brought up other things.  I’m sure he did tell you that, though, in some sort of way.  And he’s right.  The way you know this, Lee, is that you’re coaching in it.




Author: Max Smith

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