Watch the Titanic sink in real-time CGI – feminists make it out on time

titanic real time sinking


Only a lunatic in 2016 has 3 hours free to watch the full thing, but here’s how to watch it quick:

  • Watch the start where it hits the iceberg,
  • Forward through most of the rest, stopping for the text commentary on the side,
  • Watch the last 3 minutes, where the real action is.

I feel the Jim Cameron version help me get into the characters more, plus you had that guy bouncing off the bulkhead on the way down which was hugely entertaining.  But it’s still good.

I know every disaster has plenty of fathers, but there was some outstanding nitwittery after the designer had said the boat would sink in 2 hours, and no-one who could operate a winch did the math on filling up the lifeboats.

One adult male managed to make it onto a lifeboat apparently.  That just wouldn’t happen in 2016, where women are demanding to be treated equally, and would happily stand patiently in line behind their fellow male passengers in the name of feminism.  Emma Watson would be at the back saying “No ladies, let’s form a single file line with the men – no favouritism here.  We want to be treated equally.”  Right?  Or would there be loud shrieks of “What happened to women and children first?!?!?!” while Caitlyn Jenner and the rest of the WNBA tried to convince the crew they should be in a boat before all the hairy folk.

Bill Burr said it best.

By far my favourite guy ever though is Old Benny Guggenheim.  “Come on, Man Servant, get in your finest garb – we are going down as gentleman!”  They should name some sort of museum after a guy like that: The Guggenheim Museum has a real ring to it.

Manservant tuxedo titanic sink real time

I bet Sammy Man Servant was like “This is the WORST job ever.”


Author: Max Smith

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