You know what? F*&^ Danny Weidler

SMH gossip columnist, shameless shill and professional couch-fainter Danny Weidler kicked off his weekly haughty column this week posing the question (so that he can walk it back later if needed) “Has Wayne Bennett lost the ability to connect with his players?”

Innuendo specialist Danny has decided yes.

Wayne Bennett has worn out his welcome in Brisbane just a year into his second coming, with increasing talk he has lost connection with the playing group and is at war with the local media.

Maybe the reason Bennett doesn’t have a lot of time for shitbags like Danny has something to do with the “local media” (which is one newspaper) putting their take on his separation on their front pages, while the same day, they hid a 6 inch piece on Karl Stefanovic’s separation on page 9.  Or it could be that they plastered half a dozen Facebook photos of his new partner all over the same rag.  That might piss a guy with a private life off a little bit, and make him less likely to endure your fartsniffing.

The concern is that one of his strengths – his ability to connect with his players – is dissipating. Sources close to the playing group say this is the case.  The players admired Bennett because they knew where he stood. That has been eroded.

That’s some specious stuff there from Weidler.

You can just imagine Sammy Thaiday and Anthony Milford sitting around saying “Hey Milf – how do you think Wayne’s going connecting with players mate?”  “I’d say its dissipating, Sammy”.   “Do you know where he stands, Milf?”.  “It’s eroding Sammy.”

The Broncos have gone 33-19 in the two years Bennett has been back, and only two losses in extra time, one in a grand final, have eliminated them each season.  I think I’ll save my couch-fainting about erosion of connecting-ability for when the team sucks, thanks very much.

The media is well aware of the location of his new multi-million-dollar home.

You know what?  Fuck this guy.  Weidler is a 24 carat shithouse.  What does it say about YOU if you’re the kind of person who considers himself a moral policeman for the rest of the sporting world? What kind of fucked-up, egotistical control freak do you have to be to end up with this worldview?

There is a concern that Bennett is rudderless and some in the rugby league fraternity are wondering if he is in danger of withering on the coaching vine.

RUDDERLESS.  We did get a good definition of rudderless from the rest of your column, which did the obligatory shilling for James Roberts, Sonny Bill Williams and Anthony Mundine (SBW and The Man get 26 pieces a year), and then implied some clubs won’t deal with Isaac Moses, and that Wayne Bennett, even with his possible dissipating of connectability, would be a good landing spot for a frequent shillee, Keiran Foran.

This is Bennett’s 30th year in the NSWRL/ARL/NRL.  If he hasn’t made a grand final for a couple of years, the “is he withering on the vine” articles come out.  Weidler is a bit early with his hot take, which usually works out badly for them.  I don’t think anyone on the planet has ever called him rudderless though.

Weidler’s not the best individual to imply someone isn’t of impeccable integrity.  Fartsniffin’ Danny will write puff pieces in his shithouse column about “redemption” for you if your player has taken and/or sold drugs, been violent on the booze, committed domestic violence or is in a contract year.  You will just have to swap him a salacious rumour about another player or coach, ideally for you, one who has another agent.  But he’ll be your shill, and he’ll even include the player’s wife or daughter’s name in the piece just some it seems HOME SPUN.

Author: Max Smith

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